"I took my son to Naperville Therapediatrics when he didn't speak much at the age of three, so we started him out at twice a week with speech therapy. Nanette had to start at the very bottom with my son, working on how to say specific sounds such as "b" and "p". She spent months helping him to understand the basic pronunciation of the sounds that he was supposed to already have at his age. It was like watching a house being built, laying down the foundation for everything that would come after. Once he had the basics down, she started working on words and the way the lips are positioned for them. Nanette was so incredibly patient and understanding with my son.  She understood when he was frustrated and did so much to help him through those times. We went to speech therapy for a year, and by the end of that year, he was talking five times more than he had when we started, and he's been talking even more since! I am so incredibly grateful to see the positive change in my son with him being able to express what he's feeling and I am so thankful to Nanette for building him up and helping him out. I highly recommend Naperville Therapediatrics to everyone."


"Naperville Therapediatrics performed a complimentary, brief speech screening at our son's preschool.  Upon viewing the screening results, we scheduled a more in depth (hour long) evaluation to assess whether speech therapy would benefit our 3 yr. old.  Nanette was thorough, professional, kind, helpful, and very detailed in her analysis.  While we ultimately did not need speech at that time (based on the extended evaluation) we would definitely utilize her for any speech needs going forward and recommend her.  She also helped direct us to OT services which have benefited our son (& us) greatly."


"On July 29th, 2003, I dropped off my beautiful baby boy at his licensed home day care and went off to work at my full time job at a local hospital. Later that day, I received a call from his care giver saying he was not acting right . We later learned that our child had been violently shaken by his daycare provider and suffered severe head trauma, seizures, blindness, and global developmental delay.  In one day, everything in our lives changed. Our son spent 11 days in ICU suffering multiple seizures. My husband and I were in shock and we did not understand what life for our son would be like after suffering such a traumatic brain injury. While we were in the hospital we were contacted by Hasbro Children’s Hospital Early Intervention.  It was at that time that Nanette came into our lives.

I remember Nanette coming to our home on a weekly basis to work with both my son and myself. I was pretty much a mess, in shock over the whole incident, and suffering from a deep depression. Nanette would come through my door each week with a huge smile and a bag of fun ( toys, tools). My son was not always a happy camper either. He was extremely attached to me and would cry/ scream through most of Nanette’s visits, but she never gave up. Each week, she would work with him and interact through pictures, songs, and toys. She would also teach me specific techniques and provide me with tools to work with my son to help develop his oral motor skills. 

At first, when Nanette approached me about a pool group I was not enthused. However, she quickly put me at ease that this would be a group of parents who were going through basically what we were feeling (having a child with a disability). My son loved this pool group. He laughed and smiled and splashed with all the other children and parents. I even developed a relationship with two moms and years later, we still speak and reach out to one another. 

Nanette was always so professional and yet down to earth. She made me feel at ease and really helped me get through what were probably the most difficult times of our lives. She was extremely skilled and was able to teach me the skills I needed to help my son. We are so lucky to have had Nanette enter our lives at that time and I feel so lucky to have continued to be in touch with her through the years and to call her a friend."


Nanette is a very caring and knowledgeable provider of speech therapy services. She has worked with my son for over three years and his progress in verbal expression and behavioral and social awareness has been amazing. Highly recommend!